What is At Lances Point?


At Lances Point, or ALP, is a card driven table top wargame that covers from Ancient to Modern day periods. Designed for 15mm miniatures you are able to control masses of troops on the table with ease, making


your games look incredible! It also really stretches your strategic planning, to combine the best combat deck with the best force in order to get the most from your army and smash your opponents.


ALP lends itself to small quick games or massive, multi general clashes. With an effortless combat system you can pick up the basics quickly and soon be creating leathal armies to defeat all your enemies!


! New 15mm Plastic Figure Range !


For ALP we are designing and releasing a much needed range of 15mm plastic figures starting with Imperial Romans. These will be coming to Kickstarter later this year as the start of a large drive to populate the market


with an awesome range of hard plastic miniatures to support the ALP rule set.

We are starting with the Romans as they are fan favourite and will be a good basis for ‍


the rest of the vast array of ancient forces. Just looking at the army lists below you can see there is a few troop types to get through so help kick us of on this journey.


Yannis Ramoutsakis

Playtester & Reenactor


I've had the pleasure if doing a bit of play test for the early draft of this game. Smooth and fun. Very easy to burn through a few games.


Gives your mounted troops the ability to perform cantabrian circles, cavalry wedges, hit and run tactics, cycle charges.  Covers the periods Biblical to medieval


Whether it’s the cohorts of Rome or the crush of the medieval battles, the shock deck gives you the backbone of your army


There is an expansive series of decks that cover all eventualities of troop type and nations ‍. They are broken down initally into over arching troop types to allow anyone with that troop designation to use the card. Some factions will have their own decks that only they can use however. If they fought in a unique way or used unique tactics or weapons they will be represented in the decks. Here are some examples of the decks that are ready to purchase with the playtest rules;


These Starter Decks give you a curated selection of cards from the Prime Combat Decks meaning you can go straight to the table with a complete and balanced Deck. They are a great start point to build your own unique Combat Decks from as you get more confident with your play style and card choices.


Prime Combat Decks are where you can get ALL the cards from a particular discipline or specialist area of the game. These are where you build your unique game decks from by carefully selecting a range of cards to best suit your chosen forces and disrupt your enemy.


From the great phalanxes of Alexander the Great, to Dark Age shield walls or the schiltrons of the Scottish pikes


Crazed Germanic warriors, Scottish highlanders, or massed slaves, use these cards to break your enemies resolve


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Below you can see all of the nine stretch goal poses we are adding to the Kickstarter to bring each of your table top units to life. Each pose has four shots showing off the full figure , each of these poses is s snap shot in time. A moment taken from an attack of defending from one. The 'shield smash', as seen on 2/9 pose, is the moment when the Legionary is using the full weight and bulk of his scuta to shove the enemy back, opening them up for a counter.

Below are all the nine Pilum stretch goals. These range from a simple adnaving pose to the preparing to throw and a thrown series of poses, with each pose telling a story of action within the battle.